Moen vs Delta Shower: Head to Head Comparison

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Taking showers seemed like a pretty mundane activity even just a few years ago! However, things have changed with more collaborations between technological advancements and household appliances.

Now you can enjoy the shower in many ways and adjust it perfectly according to your conveniences.

Among the brands who are leading such revolutionary fixtures for bathing, Delta and Moen are prominent names. Although they offer similar comfort and services, there are certain differences between the two. We are going to explore them here by putting Delta vs Moen shower fixtures against each other!

What is Delta Shower?

The brand of Delta is driven by technology and a hunger for innovation. That is why you will see multiple patented technologies in their shower collection. So if you are someone who loves to be updated with the latest gadgets and gears, Delta shower fixtures will be right up your alley!

Advantages of Delta Shower

Cutting-edge Technology

As we mentioned before, Delta shower collections are all about bringing the latest technological advancements to your bathroom. Among their patented innovations for showers, H2Okinetic, Spot Guard and In2ition are the most popular ones.

The H2Okinetic showers are designed to give more coverage by only manipulating the wave pattern. Each showerhead and hand shower of this collection releases water in a unique high-velocity pattern.

Spot Guard technology keeps the showers clean by applying a coating in their interior parts and glass panels to keep hard water stains away.

With In2ition fixtures, you can choose to use the showerhead and the hand shower simultaneously or separately. Depending on your requirements at the time, their integrated dual-functionality adjusts according to your convenience. So you can enjoy the flexibility without compromising the warmth.

Versatile Collection

Once you start going through their collection of shower pieces, don’t expect to see the end anytime soon! Delta has built a huge collection of versatile fixtures where you can find a suitable showerhead, faucet, hand shower, filler and even a customized shower door built per your individual requirements!

Committed To EPA Standards

Delta is very serious about contributing to the environmental revolution and play their part in it. That is why they always comply with the standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Being committed to these standards has earned them the award of WaterSense Sustained Excellence.

Disadvantages of Delta Shower

Lackluster Water Pressure

Although Delta showers provide plenty to choose from and incorporate the latest technologies in its field, these fixtures show some dull performances when it comes to water pressure. Even though it never goes below 1.6GPM, it is quite lackluster compared to the other features.

Tricky Mixer Sensitivity

Some users have expressed concerns over the faulty sensitivity of their Delta shower mixers. You may struggle to land on the optimum temperature while trying to adjust the level of warmth. This part of their design definitely needs improvement so that the mixer can automatically figure out the best heat level.

What is Moen Shower?

Similar to Delta, Moen is another popular and reliable brand of shower fixtures at present. They can provide you with a wide range of versatile bathroom products like showerheads, rods, rings and faucets! These are available in four attractive shades of bronze, chrome, polished nickel and brushed nickel.

Advantages of Moen Shower

Rain-like Sensation

Have you ever wanted to experience the invigorating sensation of raindrops within the comfort of your bathroom? Well, Moen can finally give you that kind of serene feeling with its Immersion Rainshower technology.

The showers of this line ensure optimal consistent water pressure and create excellent coverage with their self-pressurizing channels.

Reduce Water Wastage

The Envi Eco-Performance line is designed to save water without compromising your shower experience. So you can help the environment by reducing the water wastage by 20-30% every time and also save some money on utility bills every month!

Vertical Spa

If you are bored with the typical showers and bathing experiences, Moen will let you up the game with its incredible vertical spa pieces! This line combines several shower fixtures like handheld shower, fixed showerhead and adjustable body jets to let it rain over you from all sides!

It is a perfect setup for those days when life truly drains you out and you need some serious revitalization techniques. Just taking a shower with these pieces will make you feel like an undefeated royal who deserves only the best!

Disadvantages of Moen Shower


The main drawback of considering a shower product of Moen is its high price point. Compared to the other brands offering similar fixtures, Moen comes out as quite expensive and unaffordable for many people. So if staying on budget is a high priority to you, it may not be your first choice.

Initial Difficulties

Once the Moen shower pieces reach your door, you may face some difficulties in the beginning. If you don’t have previous experience in installing such fixtures, you will find it quite difficult to install. In some cases, the valve may seem to be loose or flimsy and wobble as a result. It will need to be fixed as well.

Comparing Moen Vs Delta Shower


Delta showers are ideal for those of you who prioritize technological conveniences over other factors. Their collections always highlight new innovations like In2ition, H2Okinetic and Spot Guard.

Moen is the brand that focuses more on the design aspect and promises truly rain-like feeling in every use. So if you love nature and miss getting drenched in the rain more often, you can start using Moen showers.

Spraying System

In the case of spraying patterns, Delta showers have more power than Moen. For the Delta showers, you can choose between nine powerful spray options including some designed to provide three times the usual coverage. On the other hand, Moen can offer up to eight spray patterns and six spray modes.

Water Conservation

Delta showers proved their awareness about environmental health by winning the award of EPA WaterSense Sustained Excellence. Moen also plays a role in maintaining the well-being of our planet by saving 20-30% water in every shower. So both of them are efficient in water conservation.


If you are running on a limited budget and need to invest in items carefully, Delta will have more options for you to explore. Most items provided by Moen are usually available for quite a high price. Its high-end products are even more expensive. As a result, they may not be an ideal budget-friendly choice.

Bottom Line – Which One is For You?

It is hard to declare a winner between Delta vs Moen shower fixtures. The advantages they provide to users are very similar in nature and results.

However, Delta should be the choice of people maintaining a tight budget while Moen is an ideal option for people who crave dancing in the rain every day.

So, in the end, the ultimate winner depends on your individual preferences and perspectives.

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